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Numberator is the only resource you need for fast number and code generation. You can use our online tool to quickly and easily generate millions of unique codes, passwords or serial numbers in seconds. Use Numberator for:

  • Redemption codes for on-pack promotions
  • Product serial numbers
  • PIN codes and passwords
  • Tracking codes
  • In fact, anything that needs a list of unique numbers or codes...

Suitable for printing firms, marketeers, competition promoters, software developers
- for interest, education and scientific use as well!

The Free version of Numberator can be used to generate small numbers of codes and experiment with the product's more basic features.

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Features Highlight

Our super-efficient Number Generation Engine, developed in-house, can generate millions of unique numbers or codes in seconds, preparing a file ready for immediate download. We provide several options for flexible code creation, depending on your subscription level, including:

  • Generate codes anywhere from 4 to 24 characters in length
  • Exclude specific numbers and characters (e.g. you can have just letters excluding 'I' and 'O' to avoid ambiguity with the numbers '1' and '0')
  • Apply an automatic profanity filter to prevent inappropriate words from appearing within codes
  • Upload an exclusion word list to prevent other words from appearing within codes. Such an exclusion list might contain competitors' brand or product names, or offensive words in languages other than English
  • Generate up to 10 million unique numbers or codes at a time
  • Generate codes in sequential or random order
  • Control code formatting with a user defined template to, for example, split into groups using hyphens or spaces
  • Generate a random subset of the codes that can be used as competition winners, for example
  • Apply predefined profiles to minimise the number of options you need to enter
  • Save generated codes for future uses including downloading them again or excluding them from future runs to ensure that codes are never re-used

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We are continuously innovating and enhancing our product to provide the best features possible, so keep an eye on the Latest News box.

Latest News

Numberator has been acquired by Cubik Consulting. A brand new platform is coming soon!