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Numberator has four subscription levels so you can choose only the features you need. Basic and Standard subscriptions are free but you can upgrade to Pro or Enterprise if you need to use Numberator's more advanced features.

Feature Basic Standard Pro Enterprise
Annual Subscription Fee (GBP) Free
(No Signup Needed)
(With Signup)
GBP 149
PayPal Mark
GBP 499
PayPal Mark
Maximum Code Length
Generate codes between 4 and 24 characters in length
8 8 16 24
Maximum Number of Codes
Generate up to 10 million guaranteed unique codes in seconds
100 1000 1 million 10 million
Control Code Order
Control whether codes are output in alphabetical, numerical or random order
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Instant Download of Code Files
Download a file containing your codes within seconds
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Character Inclusion
Specify exactly which characters appear in your codes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Profanity Filter
Use the automatic profanity filter to ensure that offensive strings of characters do not appear in your codes (English currently supported)
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Built-in Basic Templates
Use the basic templates to quickly generate common codes types
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Built-in Advanced Templates
Use the advanced template to quickly generate some of the more complex types of code
    Yes Yes
Save Your Own Templates
Save the settings you have defined as a template for future use
    Yes Yes
Upload Substring Exclusion List
Upload a list of combinations of characters, words or entire codes to exclude. This can be used to exclude additional offensive words, competitors' brand names or codes that have been generated previously
    Yes Yes
Define Custom Output Patterns
Create your own template to control how codes are formatted. This can be used to specify code prefixes and postfixes, to insert a space before each character in a code, to break each code into two parts that are separated by a hyphen, etc.
    Yes Yes
Extract Subset of Generated Codes
Download a file containing a random subset of your codes that can be used as winners in a competition
    Yes Yes
Define Code Ranges
Generate codes that lie in certain fully customisable alphabetic, numeric or alphanumeric ranges
    Yes Yes
Save Codes for Future Use
Save the codes you generate for future uses including downloading them again or excluding them from future code generation runs to guarantee that codes are never re-used.


Who's Using It?

PhonyText uses Numberator to ensure that its voucher issuing system has a large pool of completely unique voucher codes that are difficult to guess.

Numberator was used to generate several million on-pack promotional redemption codes for Duracell targeted at the Eastern European market.

Carphone Warehouse used unique PIN codes generated by Numberator which were printed on scratchcard packs for redemption on mobile internet sets in exchange for mobile content.

Numberator is used by New Visions Mobile to generate large numbers of unique PIN codes for texting in from mobile phones.